About Us

Virtual Align has combined the best of traditional orthodontic treatment and the latest in teledentistry technology. We use the power of 3D printing and mobile phone technology to reduce the overall cost and number of office visits. Our goal is to make orthodontics more accessible than ever without sacrificing the direct care by a local dentist.

Dr. Jonas Gauthier

General Dentist
Founder and CEO of Virtual Align

Dr. Gauthier is a graduate of Northeast Louisiana University in Monroe and LSU School of Dentistry. He has over 20 years of experience treating orthodontic patients with both fixed braces and clear aligners. An entrepreneur at heart, he is involved in several companies that aim to improve people's lives through dentistry and related services.

His family has been actively involved in numerous church, civic, and recreational organizations since moving to Central Louisiana.  He strives to bring cutting edge, cost-effective technologies and ideas to his practice.